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Meet Rachel

Soon to be Dr. Evans (PhD thesis submission Sep 2019)!

Rachel Evans is a psychologist (MBPsS), certified hypnotherapist and part time health blogger. She works with clients who are ready to let go of the past and live their best life.

She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing, following personal experience with an eating disorder and aims to help clients find a healthy, balanced lifestyle.




Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a pioneering therapy based on neuroscience, that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

By rapidly rewiring the neural pathways of the brain, RTT replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative patterns of behaviour. This helps to form new life-affirming beliefs and begin the healing process.

  • Illuminating – Discover the root, the cause and the reason for your issue & uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back.
  • Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can be liberated and free.
  • Reclaim your voice, your power and your self-worth.
  • Reconnect you to the extraordinary confidence you were born with.
  • Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live.

Rachel has trained with award winning therapist the the creator of RTT, Marisa Peer.


Rachel Evans is a Master Practitoner in Eating Disorders, trained by Deanne Jade at the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

She takes a holistic approach, focusing on psychology, nutrition, environment and personal factors. Treatment is tailored to your situation and outcomes could include:

  • Tuning into hunger & fullness signals to help you to eat only when hungry & stop when you are full
  • Freedom from obsessions with food
  • Feeling energised and sleeping well
  • Being happy; looking forward to tomorrow
  • Coping with relationships. emotions & life events without turning to food
  • Mastering cravings
  • Feeling better about your body
  • Being able to care for yourself… because you’re worth it

Prices from £50 per session

Happy Clients

I’m so happy how this went and immediately after the session I already felt the emotional weight had lifted off my chest.. Listening to the audio and it feels great

My session with Rachel was my first experience of coaching and I was shocked at how comfortable she made me feel. I felt at ease and like I could speak honestly about my thoughts and feelings without any judgement

Feeling calm at the moment which is amazing because work is incredibly challenging.

I wasn’t expecting miracles but being able to see what limited myself and feel the freedom and the pleasure of enjoying my food, feeling nourished and happy, it’s is the most fantastic thing that had ever happen in a long time

I don’t feel bad about myself anymore and I haven’t been making up feeling bad about myself and hating the way I look

I’ve now found a healthy way, physically and psychologically to manage food and it’s still a massive work in progress… Intuitive eating and the value of sharing my health journey with like minded people has bought me to a place where I can eat what I want and create a healthier me!!!


For enquires please email

Rachel would be happy to chat to you over the phone about your requirements and expectations before you book any of her services.