Are you fed up of being stuck in a vicious cycle of emotional eating?

Do you want to develop a better relationship with food, yourself and your body leaving no room for emotional eating?

This training is for you if:

  • your worries and guilt around food are stopping you from living life to the full
  • you’re a serial snacker when you’re bored or alone
  • healthy eating has become so complicated and confusing or you know what to eat but you’re just not!
  • you want to feel more in control around food
  • you want to boost your confidence and change your life

You will learn:

  • why you use food to deal with your emotions
  • why you’re stuck in a cycle of emotional eating
  • how to develop new habits that allow you to thrive
  • how to break the negative cycle with
    – a proven approach to reduce cravings
    – strategies to cope when cravings strike
  • how to make time for yourself as a priority

What’s included:

3 .pdf e-books
with 72 pages of content!

Help via the re:Wellbeing Support Community

Emotional Eating Tracker

Overcome emotional eating tracker journal

Overcome Emotional Eating Workbook

Overcome emotional eating workbook by rewellbeing

Boost Your Wellbeing Journal

Wellbeing Journal part of the Overcome Emotional Eating Package by reWellbeing

It’s time to become the best version of yourself:
adopt a healthy balanced approach to food,
break free of your past struggles, &
create an effortlessly healthy lifestyle.

Heres what Hayley from chefbehere had to say about the workbook;

I hadn’t known what results to expect (if, any) but, it’s felt like I’ve had a fresh start with food and drink. I take greater responsibility for the foods I eat now, and feel as though I decide what I will or won’t eat. More often now I call the shots, I take the time to think about why I want to eat (is it because I’m hungry?), and I stop myself from eating on autopilot without registering and enjoying the food. The biggest changes have been that I’m now trying new healthy foods and only drinking alcohol 2 nights a week.

Do you want to experience greater clarity around why you eat on autopilot, find freedom around food and get results like Hayley? Download the Overcome Emotional Eating 3-in-1 Workbook now.

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