Health & wellness starts from within – it’s time to take control and live your best life yet.

  • Food and exercise seem like a never-ending struggle.
  • You go through cycles of being “good” and on track, only to fall off the wagon completely as soon as you see an open packet of biscuits in the office kitchen.
  • You’re so busy that you struggle to find time to put mascara on in the morning, let alone hit the gym and make yourself a healthy breakfast. Or do you prioritise putting on mascara over moving your and fueling your body for the day?
  • Your relationship with your body and health is seriously taking a toll on your mood.
  • You have the best intentions and sky-high motivation, but then within days feel like you’re back to square one because your willpower and self-control  always let you down.
  • You feel trapped by the fact that you still haven’t been able to crack this health thing and turn it into the effortless lifestyle that you crave.
  • Feel full of energy and joy as you lead a balanced healthy lifestyle that is right for YOU?
  • Stop the roller coaster of health (and emotions) and actually enjoy living and embracing healthy habits consistently without the stress?
  • Let go of the diet/ exercise overwhelm and finally feel confident in your own skin?
  • Truly understand what drives your behavior and actually change it for good?
  • Drop the frustrating habits (whether that is caving into that afternoon slice of cake or snoozing your alarm 13 times) without having to fight them?

Transformation starts from within and you might not feel like it now, but I know that it is possible for you. I have been on my own health and fitness journey – I know how awful it is to feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything and be completely hopeless that anything will ever help you break out of bad habits. I struggled for years to unlock an effortless healthy lifestyle – and have now, through scientific research and experience found the key strategies for behaviour change that really work – for me and my clients.

reWellbeing unlock your potential to change

This isn’t another quick fix. This isn’t another empty promise or another plan that needs you to stop eating carbs, meditate for hours every day or work out until you feel physically sick.

I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step, as you transform your mind and body. I’ll be there to listen to you when things get tough and there to celebrate your victories.

We’ll be implementing small, manageable changes that add up to make a huge difference and a real change in your life. At the end of my program you will feel a million miles away from where you started and have the motivation to continue your ideal lifestyle. I will never put you through a boring diet or gruelling exercise regime – that’s not what this is about. Instead you will experience a mindset shift that will allow you to effortlessly improve all areas of your life.

Together, we will reveal exactly what is is sabotaging your health and happiness and identify what you can do to change how you move, eat, sleep, think and feel to not only meet, but smash your goals.

You will gain a better understanding of yourself and feel empowered and inspired to make changes in your life.

reWellbeing break free

Our work together is totally personalized and customized to YOU in order to have a long-lasting and life changing impact. You will learn how to improve your current situation and gain take-away skills for life and that’s pretty valuable if you ask me.

My session with Rachel was my first experience of coaching/counselling and I was shocked at how comfortable she made me feel. I felt at ease and like I could speak honestly about my thoughts and feelings without any judgement. She helped me come up with practical solutions that I could try and instigate in my life and these were personal and tailored. Thank you Rachel.Libby Horsley

reWellbeing transformation

Each program includes:

  • 2x 60 minute calls
  • 10x 45 minute calls

Coaching will be entirely focused on your current situation and needs but could cover:

  • Getting clear on what your life is like now and where you want to be
  • Understanding the triggers to your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Strategies to increase and sustain motivation
  • Mindset work to master your thoughts and promote success
  • Changing your environment to make healthy living easy
  • How to get support from others
  • How to create habits for life


£995 (payment plans available upon request)

Ready to take things up a notch
and have me in your back pocket
whenever you need support?

Choose to opt-in for my 1-2-1 Upgrade

In addition to all of the above you will receive:

  • Unlimited support throughout the program via email and Voxer (voice mail)
  • 2 x 30 minute follow up call after your program ends (to use within 4 weeks)
  • 2 weeks unlimited email access after the program ends
  • 1 session with a registered Nutritionist to give you personalised diet tips


Additional £465

reWellbeing Rachel Evans

After working together, my clients consistently:

  • Feel more motivated and empowered to make any change they want in their life
  • Have more vitality to do the things they love and finally start living life to it’s fullest rather than obsessing about food, exercise or the way they look
  • Experience better skin, weight loss and better sleeping patterns
  • Significantly reduce their anxiety and worrying and let go of the controlling and forced behaviours
  • Are more in touch with themselves, their intuition, and their body
  • Feel confident and finally LOVE their bodies
  • Stop falling on and off diets or faceplanting into a cheesecake before they can even realize what’s happening and instead are drawn to nutritious foods and workouting because they love it

it was an absolute delight speaking to her over the phone. Rachel is a great listener, supportive and offers advice that is helpful and mindful of people’s struggles. I’d recommend health coaching from Rachel as she is so understanding and really listens to offer a personalised approach to improving your healthCARA-JANE F.

This is for your if you’re:

  • Committed to making a life long change when it comes to your relationship with yourself and your health
  • Sick of the latest fad diet or exercise plan and know it’s not getting you anywhere
  • Fed up with hitting snooze 6 times because you were up late reading another overwhelming health article
  • Ready to glide through your week and still have the energy for fun weekend activities + a girl’s night out
  • Ready to be the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself, where wellness is an integral part of your life without it being a focus or source of stress

This will not be a great fit if:

  • You want advice specific about managing a medical condition
  • You’re not truly committed to making a life-long change and are looking for a quick fix
  • Your body confidence is sky high, your exercise and eating habits on point, and your energy levels through the roof

There are so many coaches out there
so you might be thinking….

I can think of a few reasons off the top of my head :

#1 My approach is grounded in both science and experience.

Through my background and PhD in Health Psychology, I can help you to discover what drives your unwanted habits and behaviours and how to change them. I bet you’ve read countless blog posts suggesting that you do A, B and C to change your thoughts or behaviour, but these have never worked. Well, I know A, B and C as well as D and E … X, Y and Z and I am committed to work with you to find the exact strategies to help you live a happy and healthy life.

 #2 I truly get it when it comes to struggles with health and wellbeing.

I haven’t always had it together when it comes to healthy habits. In fact, I’ve had quite a ride to get to where I am today, from severely restricting what I ate and exercising obsessively to binge eating and being glued to the TV all evening. I know what it feels like to have unhealthy habits and a rock-bottom mindset. I know what it feels like to hate yourself, be obsessive about food and totally miserable because no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach your health and fitness goals.

#3 I create a safe environment during sessions and value the voice of every client.

I am so happy that my clients tell me that they feel at ease working with me because there is zero judgment in our coaching relationship. If an issue is important to you and is affecting your life then it’s important to me and we will discuss it, no matter if someone else has it worse than you. 1-2-1 sessions are a place where you can finally let go and share the things that you don’t even want to tell your closest friends. Together, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you across the finish line to the most vibrant, relaxed, confident, and healthy version of yourself that you’ve always dreamed of being.

If you’re ready to uplevel your health and happiness in a sustainable way
– let’s talk